Our Creative Team

Artspark is a love story growing with many creative forces. What makes Artspark even more special is that we have a wonderful team of teachers.

ChiChi Bracken

chichi1ChiChi started to sew from a young age. Graduating from a design school, she worked as a designer in Tokyo. She Upon moving to Australia, she started selling her original work through markets, shops and galleries. ChiChi appreciates craftsmanship rather than automated systems. She works largely with needle and thread but also enjoys working with paint, wood, metal, plastic and an assortment of other materials. She loves to incorporate reflections of her life in her works and recently an increasing love of gardening is showing up in her sewing work.

Nicki Black

NickiBlackNicki is a qualified Visual Arts teacher who loves to impart knowledge and engage children creatively. She also practices photography, drawing, painting and writing in her spare time. Nicki’s two little boys have attended Artspark over the years with Jessi, Lucia and Sandrine, which gave her the opportunity to become one of the teaching tribe. She feels the warmth and buzzing nature of Artspark is truly lovely to be a part of.

Robert Wirth

RobertWith over 20 years professional experience as a Creative Director, Art Director, Graphic Designer and Illustrator, Robert is a fabulous addition to Artspark Teachers. We have managed to lure this gentle and wonderfully talented man to join us at here to impart his wealth of knowledge to the new generation of budding Artists. Robert will be teaching Cartooning and Fashion Illustration.


Cecilia Mok

Cecilia has a background in fashion, print, graphic design and fine arts. She studied Fashion Design at East Sydney Tech and Fine Arts at Julian Ashton Art School. Cecilia has exhibited oil paintings and handmade paper cut art in Sydney, mostly inspired by dreamscapes and the fantastic. She loves to explore all forms of art, craft and textiles. Cecilia is passionate about encouraging children to express their own unique voices and hearts through art, and to cultivate a curiosity and interest in the wide world around them. http://www.ceciliamok.net


Lucia Scurrah

Lucia majored in Textiles and Environments at the College of Fine Arts, University of NSW. Since, Lucia has been exploring the versatile world of textile sculptures. Her work is born out of the exploration of materials and is focused on tactile and interactive art. Apart from ‘making stuff’ she most loves hanging out with children, rolling up her sleeves and helping to facilitate all manner of messy and creative projects. Lucia’s folky Latina influences come from a childhood spent in Peru.


About Artspark Studio


A Short History of ArtSpark

Artspark was established in 2004 by a loving artist, Jane Lancaster, keen to share Art with children. A uniquely artistic environment was born, loved equally by the parents and the children. Diane Vukelic and Jessi Alexander-Head aka Jessi Rose both attended National Art School completing a Fine Arts degree, ran Arstpark and expanded it to its current location and grew to include sewing between 2008 and 2012. Sandrine Lonchampt, a dedicated mum of two, amateur photographer and architect, took over  Artspark in May 2012. She added the eco-garden and the mini-Farm to Artspark studio. ChiChi and Natalie Morel-Lewis joined the managing team in July 2013. And have now taken the baton from Sandrine to continue the Artspark tradition.