ILLUSTRATION CLASS by Charlotte Dennis


8 years & up / Every MON 3:45 – 4:45 PM – This class is now open for adults!

5 years & up / Every THU 3:45 – 4:45 PM 

Min 3, Max 10 students
Step by step tutorial by an illustrator Charlotte Dennis.
You can see Charlotte’s works here

Basic Materials : We will update with additional material

  • lead pencil and eraser
  • drawing paper, or watercolor paper and drawing paper (for warm up)
  • cup or bowl to trace circle
  • ruler or straight edge
    Optional :
  • sharpie marker, waterproof pen, or waterproof ink with brush
  • watercolor paint or watercolor pencils, paint brush, water
  • rag, hand towel, or paper towel

We will send you invitation to each Zoom classes
All classes $16.50 each! Whole term bookings welcome!

  • This class is delivered via Zoom, a high performance video chat platform. You will need a reliable internet connection, with a minimum speed of 1Mpbs for both upload and download and a charged up and/or plugged in device to stream the workshop. You can test your speed here.
  • These are interactive live classes. Your children can follow the instructions and ask questions to our teachers. Teacher/s and students will see and hear each others. Please set the computer in appropriate place. 
  • Only the registered student will be the one interacting at the class. Please book in all siblings to attend so we can count and won't exceed max number.
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