These step by step workshops help students build their drawing and watercolour painting skills, and think about storytelling in their art. Some topics involve observational drawing from life, and many involve drawing from the imagination while employing techniques such as simple shapes and construction lines.

These workshops are run by an illustrator Charlotte Dennis. You can view Charlotte’s works here

  • Min 3, Max 10 students
  • Suited for primary school aged students

Half Day Workshop 9am – 12pm, 1 – 4pm : $77 
Extended Hours 12 – 1pm, 4 – 5pm : $11 / hr
Lunch period 12 – 1pm is included in the cost when booking both morning and afternoon workshops on the same day.
* The fees are including GST

Cat or Dog Character in a Costume

Fri 18 Dec 9am – 12pm
Tue 12 Jan 1 – 4pm

Learn how to draw a cute cartoon version of a kitten or puppy wearing clothes! We will draw this character step by step together, and then draw a costume of your choice on him or her. We’ll also draw a nature or indoor background.

Portrait in the Garden

Tue 22 Dec 1 – 4pm
Wed 13 Jan 1 – 4pm
Mon 18 Jan 1 – 4pm

In this workshop, we will each create a self-portrait (or a portrait of a friend or family member). We will draw our seated pose step by step, and cover tips for drawing face, clothing and hair. We will also create the lush background for our portraits using techniques for drawing different leaf and petal shapes, and differently shaped stems and trunks.

Design Your Own Character

Wed 23 Dec 1 – 4pm
Tue 19 Jan 9am – 12pm

Whether you like fantasy, folktales, realism, or science fiction stories (or something else!) there’s room for your character idea in this workshop! In this class, we will each design our own human (or humanoid) character. We will cover steps for drawing a person, and then you can draw your unique costume and props to help tell a story about your character.

Animal Friends in Costumes

Fri 15 Jan 9am – 12pm

Suitable for New Kindy*

Learn how to draw cute cartoon animals who wear clothes! We will each draw a page of characters step by step together, drawing different clothing on each animal. We will fill the page with 9 different animal friends. Our materials will be pencil and watercolour. 

Swimming with a Dolphin

Fri 22 Jan 9am – 12pm

Suitable for New Kindy*

Celebrate summer by painting an ocean scene! We will draw a dolphin and a swimming person using simple shapes, and then refine their outlines. Criss-crossing lines will create the movement of the water around them.

Summer Holiday Workshops

  • Half day workshop (9am - 12pm/1 - 4pm) $77 including GST
    Sewing workshop (10am - 4pm) $132 including GST
  • 10% discount for multiple workshops (even on the same day!) / sibling bookings within the same workshop period.
  • Lunch period 12 – 1pm is included in the cost when booking both morning and afternoon workshops on the same day.
  • For the current term class students : extended hours 9-10am (for Sewing workshops), 4-5pm will be included in the cost as thank you note : ) Lunch time 12 - 1pm won't be included.
  • Extended hours 9-10am, 12-1pm & 4-5pm are available.
  • For 3/5 years old workshops ARTMAKING FUN WITH LITTLE KIDS, older students are welcome to attend as long as you and your child feels ok. We can teach little more advanced ways to the older students.
  • For new Kindy in 2021, we have marked the suitable workshops with (for New Kindy) on the timetable. Those workshops are easy enough for them to participate, if you think she / he is independent.
  • We accept Creative Kids vouchers! 
  • BYO lunch, snack & drink. NO NUTS products please.
  • Please come with appropriate clothes & shoes! Art (and even Sewing) could be messy. Please remember to bring hat, we have outdoor garden : )
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