We would like to share the love and knowledge of sewing and textile! Nowadays much less people have the skills of sewing compare to when our parents were young, also it is great skill to have. We will teach different type of hand stitching, how to operate sewing machines, selecting fabric suited to the projects and how to read patterns. Older and advanced students will learn more of the advance knowledge of related technique and ideas.

Around 90% of our material comes from recycled source like industrial waste. Don’t worry they are clean! We are conscious about reducing waste and take care of our environment while making great projects!


  • SEWING workshops are on everyday through the school holiday period except on the weekends. 
  • Book 1 or multiple days. We have several projects to choose from so students won’t repeat the activities.
  • For 6 years old + up

Sewing Workshop 10am – 4pm : $120+GST
Extended Hours 9 – 10am & 4 – 5pm : $10+GST/ hr

Summer Holiday Workshops

  • Half day workshop (9am - 12pm/1 - 4pm) $77 including GST
    Sewing workshop (10am - 4pm) $132 including GST
  • 10% discount for multiple workshops (even on the same day!) / sibling bookings within the same workshop period.
  • Lunch period 12 – 1pm is included in the cost when booking both morning and afternoon workshops on the same day.
  • For the current term class students : extended hours 9-10am (for Sewing workshops), 4-5pm will be included in the cost as thank you note : ) Lunch time 12 - 1pm won't be included.
  • Extended hours 9-10am, 12-1pm & 4-5pm are available.
  • For 3/5 years old workshops ARTMAKING FUN WITH LITTLE KIDS, older students are welcome to attend as long as you and your child feels ok. We can teach little more advanced ways to the older students.
  • For new Kindy in 2021, we have marked the suitable workshops with (for New Kindy) on the timetable. Those workshops are easy enough for them to participate, if you think she / he is independent.
  • We accept Creative Kids vouchers! 
  • BYO lunch, snack & drink. NO NUTS products please.
  • Please come with appropriate clothes & shoes! Art (and even Sewing) could be messy. Please remember to bring hat, we have outdoor garden : )
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