Summer Holiday workshops: WONDERS FROM NATURE

  • Min 3, Max 10 students
  • Suited for primary school students

Half Day Workshop 9am – 12pm, 1 – 4pm : $77
Extended Hours 12 – 1pm, 4 – 5pm : $11 / hr
Lunch period 12 – 1pm is included in the cost when booking both morning and afternoon workshops on the same day.
* The fees are including GST

Summer Camp under the Starry Sky

Capture the beauty and fun of camping under the stars! We will create this work with paint and collage, then add the shine with gold leaf.

Thu 17 Dec  9am – 12pm FULL Thank you!
Tue 12 Jan 9am – 12pm
Fri 22 Jan 1 – 4pm

Weaving Memory Stars

In this workshop, we will make colourful stars using branches, wool and ribbons (reused from gift-wrapping 🙂 and decorate with little shells and nuts. Reminding us of our summer holidays fun.

Thu 17 Dec 1 – 4pm
Fri 15 Jan 1 – 4pm

Papier Mache Pet

Your pet will be the model for this project! Bring your pet photo, you will recreate the art version of them using Papier mache technique. The project will be suitable for making cat, dog, bunny or guinea pig.

Fri 18 Dec 1 – 4pm
Tue 22 Dec 9am – 12pm
Thur 21 Jan 1 – 4pm

Ocean Biology Painting

In this workshop, you will use your observation skills to draw and paint from the marine samples we will provide. 

Mon 21 Dec 9am – 12pm

Cardboard Creature Sculptures

Cardboard sculpture is fun. In this workshop, you will make your own creatures. Bring your imaginations!

Thur 14 Jan 1 – 4pm

Abstract Tactile Painting

What is abstract art? Abstract art does not try to look like something specific. Instead, it lets shapes, lines, colours, and textures stand on their own. Like a song without words, abstract artwork can be a painting without pictures or symbols. Sometimes it might express a feeling, or explore an idea. Feel the freedom and excitement of making abstract art!

Mon 21 Dec 1 – 4pm
Thur 14 Jan 9am – 12pm
Tue 19 Jan 1 – 4pm

Blossoms in Town

Soft, colourful summer blossoms meet the sleek lines of architecture in the city. What a nice balance! In this workshop, we will learn about perspective to help us draw a town or village. We will use acrylic paint, layering to create the blossoms of Jacaranda trees, or another flowering tree of your choice. 

Wed 23 Dec 9am – 12pm
Mon 11 Jan 1 – 4pm
Thur 21 Jan 9am – 12pm

Screenprint Your Favourite Scene!

We will introduce the very basic of screen printing to create your favourite nature scene.

Wed 20 Jan 1 – 4pm

Summer Holiday Workshops

  • Half day workshop (9am - 12pm/1 - 4pm) $77 including GST
    Sewing workshop (10am - 4pm) $132 including GST
  • 10% discount for multiple workshops (even on the same day!) / sibling bookings within the same workshop period.
  • Lunch period 12 – 1pm is included in the cost when booking both morning and afternoon workshops on the same day.
  • For the current term class students : extended hours 9-10am (for Sewing workshops), 4-5pm will be included in the cost as thank you note : ) Lunch time 12 - 1pm won't be included.
  • Extended hours 9-10am, 12-1pm & 4-5pm are available.
  • For 3/5 years old workshops ARTMAKING FUN WITH LITTLE KIDS, older students are welcome to attend as long as you and your child feels ok. We can teach little more advanced ways to the older students.
  • For new Kindy in 2021, we have marked the suitable workshops with (for New Kindy) on the timetable. Those workshops are easy enough for them to participate, if you think she / he is independent.
  • We accept Creative Kids vouchers! 
  • BYO lunch, snack & drink. NO NUTS products please.
  • Please come with appropriate clothes & shoes! Art (and even Sewing) could be messy. Please remember to bring hat, we have outdoor garden : )
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