We would like to share the love and knowledge of sewing and textile! Nowadays much less people have the skills of sewing compare to when our parents were young, also it is great skill to have. We will teach different type of hand stitching, how to operate sewing machines, selecting fabric suited to the projects and how to read patterns. Older and advanced students will learn more of the advance knowledge of related technique and ideas.

Around 90% of our material comes from recycled source like industrial waste. Don’t worry they are clean! We are conscious about reducing waste and take care of our environment while making great projects!


  • SEWING workshops are on everyday including on the pupil free day. 
  • Book 1 or multiple days. We have several projects to choose from so students won’t repeat the activities.
  • For 6 years old + up

Sewing Workshop 10am – 4pm : $120+GST
Extended Hours 9 – 10am & 4 – 5pm : $10+GST/ hr


  • We will operate this Winter school holiday workshops under COVID-19 restrictions. We need to restrict the number of families who enter our studio for drop off and pick up. Please remain outside the building and we will guide you at the front door. We suggest one parent per student when possible. Artspark COVID-19 Policy is here. This policy will be updated when the restrictions change.



  • Sewing workshops are all day 10am-4pm. All other workshops are half day workshops.
  • 10% discount for morning + afternoon workshops to make an all day workshop. Lunch time 12-1pm will be included without extra fee.
  • Extended hours are available with extra cost. 
  • Discount for multiple workshops/ sibling bookings within the same workshop period. 
  • All our holiday workshops including toddler's workshop ARTMAKING FUN FOR LITTLE KIDS are drop off sessions. We will kindly ask parents and carers to leave our studio after the drop off. 
  • There are no art and sewing activities during the extended hours. We recommend to bring reading material etc. 

    WHAT TO BRING (and not to bring)
  • Lunch (for all day workshops), snack  *NO NUTS PRODUCTS PLEASE! 
    * Students will stay at the studio during the workshop time. Teachers won't be able to buy lunch and snack for them.
  • Water bottle
  • Appropriate clothes and shoes for art and sewing activities. Artspark will not be held liable for clothes damaged from the workshop and activities at the garden.
  • And reading material for break time if you like.
  • Please do not wear Heelys at Artspark. 
  • Students are not permitted to use electronic devices like mobile phone, iPad etc while staying at our studio. There could be some exceptions and they can ask the teacher. 
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