Sewing Classes

Let us share the love and knowledge of sewing and textile! Nowadays much less people have the skills of sewing compare to when our parents were young, also it is great skill to have. Our projects are suited to many levels, simple projects like bags and cushions to more advanced projects like garments. We will teach different type of hand stitching, how to operate sewing machines, selecting fabric suited to the projects and how to read patterns. Older and advanced students will learn more of the advance knowledge of related technique and ideas.

Around 90% of our material comes from recycled source like industrial waste. Don’t worry they are clean! We are conscious about reducing waste and take care of our environment while making great projects!

School Term Classes
MON, TUE, WED & THU 3:45 – 5:15 PM
For 8 years old & up

All the term classes are full currently. Thank you very much : ) 

$300 + GST / 8 weeks term 
$335 + GST / 9 weeks term
There are no trial/ casual sessions for Sewing classes
10% discount for sibling / multiple class bookings within the same term
The number of the classes will depend on terms according to public school terms. The fee will be accordingly.

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